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The state of the economy in Arenac County has put Standish’s City Council in a tight situation time after time after time this year. Making a choice on whether or not to waive Mistequay … more
It’s been awhile since I wrote a column about everybody’s favorite topic, politics! Well don’t worry my little friends, I am here to alleviate your longings to hear my candor and … more
No homework for the editor Editor, Looks like Tim Barnum didn't do his homework before he wrote his article about the Queen of England sitting around doing nothing. He also must not have seen … more
Much has been discussed lately with the health care system in this country. Whether it’s been the sky rocketing costs for any and all drugs and treatments, the availability of any kind of insurance … more
Think about it: how would you like a bunch of federal bureaucrats running your private business? We taxpayers are aware of the fact the government has been involved in “monkey business” for … more
Have you been following the Michael Vick situation? You may not have done it consciously, but you know what’s going on. First off, the guy has served his time, he went to prison and lost a … more
Last year’s summer was an abject disaster, to borrow a phrase from basketball analyst Stephen A. Smith. It rained all the time and the sun rarely made an appearance. Will this year be … more
I don’t want to tease or make light of the swine flu outbreak. I mean, it’s been confirmed in the U.S., Canada, Spain, Britain, Israel, New Zealand and Mexico, the latter where it has claimed 149 … more
We also live west of Arenac Eastern School and as said in Wednesday, April 15’s edition, her (Betty Berry) words were so true. We ourselves have never had students attend AE, yet we pay taxes to … more
Monday, April 20 was a monumental day for national security in the United States of America. It was the day of the X-Conference, a day in D.C. when respected scientists, doctors and tin foil hat … more
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