September 16, 2014
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For a while, the general attitude conveyed by some people regarding Standish Max was that no matter what the community did, it wouldn’t matter. The decision was sealed. It looks like some … more
Summer — the best time to play outdoors Everyday we hear the words “In this tough economic time…” and we all feel in different ways the impact of the economic crisis. But there is … more
Let’s clean up those illegal trash sites There is a new state wide volunteer group that has formed to clean up public lands. I am the volunteer representative responsible for suggesting sites … more
In Malcolm Gladwell’s book Blink, psychologists and researchers claim, and back up their claims, that most of the times when people make judgments on thin slicing, which is basically using … more
There are so many supposedly great movies that are coming out this summer. Critics tell me “Don’t wait!” or that I “Have got to see this!” but I ignore the hype. In fact, going to movie … more
The state of the economy in Arenac County has put Standish’s City Council in a tight situation time after time after time this year. Making a choice on whether or not to waive Mistequay … more
It’s been awhile since I wrote a column about everybody’s favorite topic, politics! Well don’t worry my little friends, I am here to alleviate your longings to hear my candor and … more
No homework for the editor Editor, Looks like Tim Barnum didn't do his homework before he wrote his article about the Queen of England sitting around doing nothing. He also must not have seen … more
Much has been discussed lately with the health care system in this country. Whether it’s been the sky rocketing costs for any and all drugs and treatments, the availability of any kind of insurance … more
Think about it: how would you like a bunch of federal bureaucrats running your private business? We taxpayers are aware of the fact the government has been involved in “monkey business” for … more
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