Holly Mosley
Customer Service and Classified Sales

Email: classifieds@ogemawherald.com

Holly started working at the Herald in February of 2013. She grew up in Farwell and moved to West Branch in 2012. 

She and her husband share three daughters, ages 6, 7 and 12. 

Holly said she doesn't like professional sports, but loves the Olympics and has hopes of one day seeing a live event in person. 

Her favorite thing about Michigan is the changing seasons. 

Holly grew up on a hobby farm with everything from hundreds of rabbits and chickens, dozens of goats, a few pigs, a couple of cows and horses in the barn, to the dogs, cats, fish and guinea pigs in her bedroom. She was an active member in the county fair and 4-H for more than 15 years, and still considers herself as a coach or judge when needed. 

She is addicted to "Grey's Anatomy." On Thursday nights she is glued to her TV and gets temperamental toward interruptions. She loves books, and is usually reading at least three books at any given time. Before she got her Kindle, she would have piles of books lying in random places. She said she doesn't have a favorite genre — she loves them all. 

Holly's current goals in life are to make her children stop growing up so fast, finish decorating her house, and catching up on her sleep. While she's at it, she said she would also like to add an extra hour to every day and control the weather. 

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