AE drama club to show students the many faces of bullying

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TWINING — Grades 6-12 at Arenac Eastern will get a show to go alongside an anti-bullying assembly Nov. 14, when the AE drama students present five short plays about the many different types of bullying.

The co-director of the plays, Mike Flore, said he was looking for an evening play for the drama club to perform when he stumbled across the script, initially compiled and edited by Linda Habjan.

“I thought it would be apropos to have an assembly instead,” Flore said. “We started preparing the last week of September.”

A total of 15 students are involved in the production, from seventh-graders up through seniors, Flore said.

Flore said the five shorts show varying examples of bullying. These include parental bullying, where parents bully their children; relationship bullying, which involves bullying by significant others; peer bullying, where someone is being bullied by classmates, neighbors, and the like; and two different plays about how bullying gets displaced.

“It’s like if you get bullied, you also bully someone else, and then they bully a third person,” Flore said. “It does a good job of showing a cross section of bullying.”

Flore said he and the other director, Amy Huff, had been interested in doing the play the evening of Nov. 14 as well, but since the multipurpose room was already in use, they decided against it. Only the students at the school will get to see the show.

“It’s the first time the drama department has made a special production just for the students,” Flore said. “The (drama) students are very pumped up. They know they’re getting an important message out, and are getting a chance to show their skills to kids who might otherwise not go to the nighttime performances.”

The assembly will take place at 1:15 p.m. on Nov. 14.

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