AGS going Hollywood for movie premiere


Au GRES — Students in the Au Gres-Sims Drama Club have gotten a crash course in movie production over the past month, and their efforts will receive the Hollywood treatment during a red carpet premiere Friday, Jan. 24.

Barb Richardson, adviser of the drama club, said students began production of a movie titled “I am Angel” in late December and have been keeping a rigorous schedule to stay on pace with the premiere date.

“We had auditions before Christmas, and because of snow days and everything, we’ve been kind of behind with the videoing,” she said.

The movie, which will have a run time of 50-60 minutes, tells the story of a little girl who discovers she is different at a young age, and out of desire to fit in, keeps her uniqueness a secret, until she later sees one of her friends being bullied, according to Richardson.

“It’s about a little girl who knows she can fly because she’s an angel, and of course she goes to school and gets ridiculed for it, so she decides to throw her wings aside,” she said.

Club members are handling the directing, working cameras, acting and assisting with editing, Richardson said. Although the club lost three days after Christmas break due to school cancellations, Richardson said the novice filmmakers are enjoying the new experience.

They’re having lots of fun with it,” she said. “It’s something totally different than what we’ve ever done.”

Typically, the drama club puts on one show per year — a stage play — but the club upped the productions this year.

“This is our first year for doing two productions,” Richardson said. “We’re doing the movie right now, and this spring we’re doing a musical.”

Tickets for the Friday show are $10, and the ticket price includes a dinner hosted by the National Honor Society and class of 2017, which is scheduled for 6:30 p.m. - 7:30 p.m.

“Then, at 7:30 our actors and actresses are going to come out on the red carpet in their formal wear,” Richardson said. “They will see the movie for the first time with their audience.”

Friday night, the film will be shown in the multipurpose room at AGS. A second showing is also scheduled for Saturday, Jan. 25, according to Richardson. Tickets for the second show, which will be held in the gymnasium, are $3. Richardson said tickets for the Friday premiere can be purchased in advance.

For more information, call AGS at 989-876-7150.


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