Adams Township reappraisal fails

Three persons summoned by State Tax Commission for planning and review meeting

ADAMS TOWNSHIP — After nearly two and a half years of assessments in Adams Township, the State Tax Commission (STC) has summoned Arenac County Equalization Director Linda Lewandowski, Adams Township Supervisor Hubert Fisk and Adams Township’s most recently contracted Assessor Amy Pan Y-Grundas to appear at a meeting in which discussion will be geared towards possible solutions. Fisk says even though he was voted out of his position in the Nov. 4 elections and the summons will most likely be turned over to Supervisor-elect Deana Hitz, he will still be a part of the negotiation process, as he would like to offer his insight on the matter. According to a representative of the STC, a complaint was filed in 2006 regarding Adams Township’s Assessments. As a result, a 14-point review, a now-generalized scoring system used by the STC to determine compliance of practices in assessments by local units of government, was conducted and Adams Township failed. “We’ve been back and forth during the reappraisal period,” a representative from the STC said. “The reappraisal got to the point of completion and an assessment of the work was done, on our part, and failed again, so now we are at the point of this meeting. “These meetings are conducted strictly case-by-case, and we can’t speculate on the happenings at this time.” According to Fisk, the whole situation began in 2006, during which time he had prepared all of the previous appraisals for Adams Township, when a complaint was filed against him with the STC. As a result of the complaint, the STC followed up with a 14-point review, which Fisk says he had no knowledge of prior to the visit. “Before we got our assessor’s office, I used to keep all of the files and documents at my house,” Fisk said. “When they showed up to do the 14-point review, I didn’t have all of the files transferred to the office and I was marked off and eventually failed pretty badly. “At that point, we (Adams Township) decided to advertise for an assessor. We received six applicants, three of which were out of price range.”
To see more, please read the Nov. 19 issue of the Arenac Independent.


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