All Saints sweep AE in district match-up


BAY CITY — Arenac Eastern didn't exactly get the lucky end of the draw for the 2008 district volleyball tournament.

The Eagles opened tournament play Tuesday against host and tournament favorite Bay City All Saints and had the Cougars end AE's season 25-4, 25-13, 25-20.

All Saints, which compared favorably to the upper-tier teams of the Class B-dominated NEMC, wasted no time in taking control of the match in the opener as the shell-shocked Eagles tried to adjust to a much higher level of play than they had seen all season.

"We definitely hadn't seen a team like that," said AE coach Hannah Neil. "I told the girls they needed to be prepared to face a team like (North Star League champion) Posen, but they were much better than Posen.

"We just don't play teams at that level, and we need to play some tournaments in the season against teams like this if we want to be able to play against a team like that."

The Eagles adjusted to the level of play in the second game, which was highlighted by a Brianna Dery block on the front line and aces by Erin Ecker and Chelsea Dery.

With All Saints emptying its bench in the third game, AE turned it up a notch further, taking a 15-11 lead after five straight Chelsea Dery aces.

The Cougars returned the favor by taking back control of the match and finishing on a 14-5 run.

"I give the girls credit," Neil said. "They kept their spirits up and they kept playing hard."

AE finishes its season at 2-19-1.


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