Anglers and suckers out early on the Rifle River

Kevin Bunch
Anglers line the shore of the Rifle River as sucker season starts two weeks early, due to abnormally warm temperatures.
Kevin Bunch
Debbie Shaffer of Coleman said she had gotten nibbles, but no bites as she fished along the Rifle River. Shaffer said she had been coming out to Omer every year since she was a kid with her dad to fish during the sucker run.
Kevin Bunch
Jason Trowbridge of Traverse City shows off a sucker he had just pulled out of the Rifle River Wednesday, March 22. Trowbridge said between he and his two friends, they had caught five suckers already.
Kevin Bunch
Sam Kemerer of St. Charles near Saginaw sets his line out on the Rifle River near US-23, as he went after suckers. Kemerer said he comes up for the fishing regularly.
By Kevin Bunch
Staff Writer |

OMER — Anglers took advantage of the 70-80 degree weather as winter turned to spring, as they lined the Rifle River hoping to catch perch and suckers making their annual spawning run early.

While net fishing is not legally allowed until April 1, anglers were out with poles, bait, and boats to get the first catches of the season on March 20 and 21.

Though the official Omer Sucker Derby has been canceled this year, Mayor Alice Sproule remarked that people would be coming into the area to fish anyway.

“This is the time of year that our population shoots up,” Sproule said.



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