Archie J. Clark III

Died June 28, 2014


Archie John Clark III, Jan. 4, 1963 to June 28, 2014, age 51.

“Dutch” to all who knew him was taken off life support on Saturday and passed to the great unknown following a motorcycle accident from which he suffered a catastrophic brain injury deemed unrecoverable. It was his ardent wish that no life sustaining medical measures be employed to continue his life under these circumstances. Loving son father, brother uncle nephew cousin and friend, he was surrounded by family and friends at the end. Dutch was an organ donor and arrangements were made with “Gift of Life” so that he could share his one last earthly gift, which was so typical of him. This is a life-altering event for Dutch’s family and friends who will alternately grieve and celebrate his life and memory. We love him dearly and the sun will never shine as bright nor will the sky ever seem as blue following his passing.

He was preceded in death by his father, Archie John Clark II; his grandparents; and various family and friends.

It gives his family comfort to know that these departed loved ones will be waiting to show him the way and that one day he will show us the way. Dutch wanted to be cremated and his ashes spread in accordance with discussions he had with family during his life.

He is survived by his mother, Wilma J. Krager of Prescott; daughter, Krystal S. Clark-Holbrook also of Prescott; his estranged son, Shane Jones who lives in Minnesota and a daughter Emma. His brothers, Jack, Kelsie, Dirk; and sister, Marquita and their spouses; and his extended family and friends particularly, Terri Seder who recently brought love and stability to his life and had agreed to marry him, are stricken at this loss. Celebrations of his life will take place throughout the next year the biggest of which will most likely be at Halloween his favorite time of year. So many friends and well wishers to thank, you know who you are. In his own way Dutch has become almost legendary on force of personality alone and we his family beg everyone who knew and loved him to keep that legend alive.

We are sure that if he could Dutch would thank everyone involved in the heroic attempt to save his life all EMS personnel and staff of St. Mary’s of Standish and Saginaw. The expertise and professionalism of the Doctors and nurses of Neuro Intensive care unit at St. Mary’s in Saginaw cannot be overstated, bless you all. Thanks to everyone who helped break our despair by relating the many hilarious stories of which our brother was a prime actor. These stories and recollections have helped to begin the healing process. Let’s remember Dutch. Remember Dutch.

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