Are you as sincere as you seem?



We all do it. You know, act one way and think the other.

I know that we all have had that person who is kind and nice to your face, but then you hear down the road what they really think of you.

The world is a fairly nasty place sometimes, and once in a great while we get a glimmer of how nasty people really are.

Maybe hiding ones true feelings really is for the best. I mean, you can’t just run around telling everyone off everyday, you would be left with nothing. No friends and definitely no job.

If you are a cashier or a waitress dealing with some customer’s shenanigans, you are supposed to smile and take it, right?

But how great would it feel just one time to just tell someone to take a hike? I bet that would be the best thing in the world some days.

Sadly, we are in a world where we have to live our lives the politically correct way.

Everyone has their own agenda these days, and it seems that no matter what, they will be rude to you just so they can feel a little better about themselves. Now-a-days everyone is an expert on how to do everyone else’s job, just because they have seen it done on television.

I know there are people out there reading this column right now, saying to themselves, “I disagree, or he should have used a comma there, or this guy is a bozo.”

How many sports fans out there rip on their favorite player from not making a play they themselves would make? I am sure everyone is missing out on Joe Somebody’s greatness as he sits on the couch.

I read a great tweet from an athlete last week that said, “I have never lost a game sitting on my couch.” Isn’t that the truth?

We can judge others all we want, but I have never made a burger while sitting in a restaurant. Just like you have never written an article while reading a newspaper.

I believe that every test that God challenges me with is only going to make me stronger.

It is easy to judge when your not the one putting in the time or the effort behind something.

I guess I need to apologize to LeBron James and the kid at the deli. I have a lot of work to do.


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