Area men honored for blood donation milestones



AuGRES — Philip Weston and Rick Rose both received recognition from the American Red Cross for donating blood at the AuGres Veterans of Foreign Wars post.

Rose donated his 12th gallon, while Weston donated his 100th pint of blood at the Aug. 5 blood drive at the VFW.

“The volume I have donated is not the important thing,” Weston said. “It’s the general principle that matters.”

He said he began donating at the age of 18 while he worked at General Motors. Weston said a friend he was an apprentice for, “took me kicking and screaming to give blood.”

“Now it’s something I just do,” Weston said. “It’s pain-free, and you get cookies afterward. How can you go wrong?”

As for Rose, he said giving blood is no inconvenience.

“I look at it as one day I might need blood. I want there to be some,” he said.

Rose said receiving recognition was satisfying. He said he began donating blood when he was a student at Michigan State University.

“Back in 1968, when I was a student at MSU, there was a blood drive in my dorm. I was the student supervisor at the grill there, and I went to work to help with the (food),” Rose said. “My co-workers kept harassing me to donate, so I did.”

Both men believe it is important to inform younger generations about donating.

“I do not see as many younger people giving blood,” Weston said. “It’s mostly elderly people and some retirees.”

Rose said he knows there has been an effort around the community to get more young people to donate.

“I don’t know what can be done,” Rose said. “It’s something you have to want to do.”

Weston said donating is a simple process that is pain-free.

“The blood we give today may be used by them someday,” he said.

Both men also shared gratitude for the Lions Club of AuGres and the VFW for volunteering services and space.

“They do a great job,” Weston said.

“They are always there, ready,” Rose added.

Rose and Weston said they will continue to donate into the future.

“I urge more people to give it a try,” Rose said. “I will continue to give as long as they will let me.”


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