Arenac County commissioners vote to put two millages back on November ballot.


ARENAC COUNTY — The Arenac County commissioners voted Tuesday, Aug. 17, to put the county fixed millage and the county parks millage on the November ballot, after both were voted down in the Aug. 3 primary.

“The board unanimously approved to put both millages on the ballot,” District 3 Commissioner Michael Snyder said.

Snyder said the county’s need is significant enough that the commissioners decided to make the effort to clarify questions for the public.

Snyder said the millage will continue to operate at 4.9176 mills instead of the purposed 5.2 mills, and Arenac County Treasurer Dennis Stawowy said the county will have approximately $160,000 less revenue to operate without the millage.

Without the additional mills, Stawowy said cuts would have to be made.

“People who need services will have to wait longer, and some operations may be open only on certain days,” he said.

Stawowy said the cost for a person with a $100,000 house would be around $14 a year.

Chairman Raymond Daniels said the board has to do everything it can for its employees.

“We decided, let’s do it. It does not cost us anything to put (the millages) on the ballot,” he said. “The amount of money taxpayers pay is very minimal,” he said. “But if you include the entire county, it adds up.”

Snyder said that $190,000 was cut from this year’s budget.

“We can not make that kind of cut again,” he said. “The money is just not there. We cannot make up this deficit with paper clips and ballpoint pens.”

Snyder said money from the fixed millage affects the townships as well. He added that the intermediate school district receives 0.2 mills.

“Some areas are affected more than others,” Snyder said.

The parks millage will also receive a second chance.

“Parks are important to us,” Snyder said. “They draw people to the area.”

The parks millage was for one-tenth of a mill and could raise $50,000. Stawowy said for a person with a $100,000 home, the millage would cost $5 a year.


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When these five commissioners start to make some serious cuts then and only then will I support a millage increse. These five are part time but have they made any serious cuts to their insurance? There are full time taxpayers without any insurance and they want to put more taxes on these landowners without any sacrifices on their part.

These five part time commissioners have a full time secretary who gets paid extra thousands to take park reservations. What a waste of taxpayer money. Want to save get rid of your full time secretary to part time or give the duties back to the clerks office as it was in the past and allow volunteers to take the part reservations. Or better yet let these five commissiones could take turns taking the reservations themselves.

If the parks are so important as Mr. Snyder states then he should be willing to take his turn at answering the phones to take reservations to save the county money. It is so easy to dump it back on the taxpayers but a lot harder to do when the commissioners are asked to do a little more work.

These five have wasted so much taxpayer monies in these lawsuits from their confidential secretary and their former commissioner friends in their cases against Mr. Rapp, Mr. Lesneski, Mr. Curcio, and Arenac County to fund a lot of programs. What happened with all these cases other than they were a waste of taxpayer money and thrown out. Start making some better decisions with taxpayer money and you might get your millage passed.

Taxpayers have to make sacrifices and make better choices with their money why don't these commmissioners?

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