February 8, 2016

Arenac County man resentenced for CSC case


STANDISH — An Arenac County man who was originally handed a life sentence by the 23rd Circuit Court was resentenced March 3 to receive no less than 285 months and no more than 600 months in prison for criminal sexual conduct in the first degree.

David Bickham, the defendant, appealed the original circuit court sentencing of life imprisonment in May 2008. The Michigan Court of Appeals returned the case to the circuit court Feb. 9 stating that the court needed to articulate its reasons for the sentencing.

Judge Ronald Bergeron, who presided over the case, also upheld the ruling of 40 to 60 days of imprisonment for attempted CSC in the third degree. He also ordered that Bickham receive lifetime electronic monitoring if he is released in the future.

Bickham also received 732 days credit for the time he has already served in prison.

In a statement from Bickham’s attorney, Frederick Neumark, to the judge, he said that Bickham’s time in prison has helped him, and he asked that the court stay within the minimum sentencing guidelines of 171 to 285 months of imprisonment.

“I wish I would’ve taken a different course than the course I took,” Bickham said in a statement to the judge.

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