Arenac lends dive boat to Genesee


ARENAC COUNTY — Due to an inability to maintain a consistent dive team, Arenac County Sheriff Ronald Bouldin has decided to lend the Genesee County’s Sheriff’s Office a boat for an undetermined amount of time.

Captain Michael Becker from the Genesee County Sheriff’s Office says the hard-bottomed Zodiac 420 will be used primarily for body recovery and quick deployment.

“It’s a boat that you would use to deploy divers in shallow waters,” Becker said. “The Sheriff up there (Bouldin) asked us if we could use a boat in region III.”

Becker also says Genesee County has a dive team comprised of 10 professional divers, both employees and diving specialists who volunteer.

“It’s a pretty active team,” Becker said. “We have several boats.”

In addition, he says the Sheriff’s Office in is responsible for patrolling 75 lakes.

Bouldin says the exchange is temporary and Arenac County would be able to retrieve the boat, which was purchased with grant funds from the Department of Homeland Security, when it shows consistency in efforts to maintain a dive team.


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