AuGres Church hosting clothing giveaway


AuGRES — The St. Paul Lutheran Church in AuGres is looking to ensure children don’t have to go back to school in the same old clothes and that people struggling financially have a way to replace some of their worn out garb on Aug. 15.

“It’s (clothing) something that people need and especially if you’re having trouble with unemployment, just trying to keep food on the table and you need a new pair of blue jeans, or a new shirt, you’re not necessarily going to go out and buy a new shirt,” said St. Paul Lutheran’s Pastor Tim Bender. “Clothing can be expensive if you have to buy it new.”

He adds there will be clothing of all sizes and styles at the giveaway.

“There’s kids’ clothes, there’s men’s clothes and women’s clothes, there are shoes. … There’ll be some coats, so it’s all-seasoned,” Bender said. “All’s people have to do is show up and get some clothes.”

The collection of clothing, which Bender says could probably fill an average-sized garage, was donated to the church for the giveaway.

“We have a source [for] clothes that were donated to our church for this purpose,” he said. “We also plan on going out to the community to look for more donations.”

The clothing giveaway is an independent project for St. Paul’s, which has been a key partner in several AuGres Christian Charities (AGCC) projects over the years.

Other members of AGCC can help out, though, Bender says.

“We’re also going to other churches to let them know how they can donate,” he said, adding St. Paul’s Lutheran Church will be taking additional donations on Aug. 13-14 from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m.

He also says St. Paul’s wants the clothing giveaway to be more than a one-time shot.

“We’re hopping to be able to do this every year,” Bender said. “We have a source (of clothing) that has agreed to do this every year.”

St. Paul Lutheran Church is located on South Tonkey Road. For more information, call 989-876-7415.


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