AuGres-Sims wins Knowledge Bowl district


AuGRES — The AuGres-Sims Knowledge Bowl team won the second district championship in Alpena, paving the way for the team to play the first district team in the Northeast Michigan finals.

Cathy Macheske, a middle school teacher at AGS and the team’s coach, said the team has not made it this far into the Knowledge Bowl in eight or nine years, adding that the students involved were thrilled to have made it to the finals.

“They’re really excited,” Macheske said. “The whole way back they kept bugging me about when they were going back to play in the finals. They’re pretty proud of themselves.”

The AGS team consists of two seniors, two juniors, one sophomore, and one freshman, Macheske said.

Macheske explained the second district consists of teams from smaller schools throughout Northeast Michigan, from as far south as Standish and as far east as I-75 at the Mackinac Bridge. The first district is made up of larger school districts, such as Alpena and Alcona, which are the first district finalists. In total about 20 schools are involved, Macheske said.

The Knowledge Bowl covers a wide variety of topics, she said, from math and science to history, literature, and sports.

“It’s kind of like ‘Jeopardy,’ only a little harder,” Macheske said. “A lot of (questions) I’d even have trouble answering.”

AuGres-Sims has been a part of the bowl practically since its inception, Macheske said. She came on board 16 years ago, taking over from the teacher who formed the team three years prior.

The date for the final match has not yet been set, since it is dependent on when the team members can make it. Macheske said it would likely take place in Alpena, where a local television station tapes it.



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