AuGres reallocates bond money



AuGRES — The city of AuGres will have a few extra dollars to spend on sprucing up the downtown area after the city council reallocated around $550,000 in bond money, by passing a resolution at its annual meeting Tuesday, March 1.

City Manager Patricia Killingbeck said that due to receiving a number of grants for projects, bond money that had been collected for the city’s Capitol Projects fund since 2007 that would have gone toward those projects will now go toward other improvements for the city.

“We are now going to look at adding more things to our downtown area,” she said.

Killingbeck said that there are a number of projects the city has in mind to put the money toward.

“We are going to look at improving our sidewalks and adding to our parks,” she said. “We will also look at improving our (wastewater treatment) plant. There is some new equipment needed there as well.”

The process of getting bonds began in 2007, when Killingbeck said the city had a number of different projects in the works.

“We were getting ready to start building. Our new bike path was still being planned; we wanted to build a new storm drain, and we had a number of intersection projects in the works,” she said. “We received a number of grants for those projects. Now we can use that bond money for other projects.”

The new bike path, construction of which had been discussed by the city council since 1996, was completed in December 2010, stretches from Main Street around 2.5 miles to the mouth of the AuGres River.

Construction of the new path included a storm drain enclosing a ditch that runs alongside of South Main Street. Killingbeck said, back in December, that the bike path cost an estimated $350,000.

Killingbeck said that when the city receives a grant, the money received has to go toward the project it is designated for.

Some of the money received to help complete construction of the path and sewer came from a $750,000 grant from the Michigan Economic Development Corporation, received in January 2009.

Killingbeck said that she is pleased to be able to use the bonds for other improvements to the city.

“It is a great deal for us,” she said.


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