February 13, 2016

AuGres seniors act up for senior video

Tim Barnum
The AuGres-Sims class of 2010 waves farewell to their time in high school.
Tim Barnum
(Left) Nicole Ruse sits (front) joins Jennie Johnson on a swing while Zhao Peng stands in the back. On the right swing, Danielle Reese sits as Tiffany Deaton stands. Samamra Nenadov helps steady the swings.
Tim Barnum
Dalton Caleca (front) and Jonathan Miller take tandem ride down the twisty slide.
Tim Barnum
Mike Wallace takes a short trip down a slide.

The senior class at AuGres-Sims took some time to shoot their senior video May 19. For some scenes, they met at the KinderPlatz city park.

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