AuGres twins go to festival in Ohio



AuGRES — Siena and Hope Anthony are sisters.

Unlike the majority of sisters in the world Siena and Hope are twins.

The twins, age 7, recently went on a trip to Twinsburg, Ohio, for the Twins Days Festival. Twins Days has been held every year since 1976, and features everything from rides, to children’s games, to parades.

Siena and Hope’s mother, Angela, a teacher at AuGres-Sims High School, said the girls saw the festival on television and asked if they could go.

“The girls saw it and said they wanted to go,” Angela said.

She said that the girls were one of 2,000 sets of registered twins that went to the festival that was held August 6-8.

Both Siena and Hope said they made new friends and had fun. When asked if they wanted to go back both girls responded, “Yes!”

Angela said it was strange that everyone at the festival matched.

“We dressed the girls in western outfits. They thought it was fantastic,” she said. “The (festival) was strange, but really neat at the same time.”

Angela said one thing that she wanted the twins to know is that they are special. She said that sometimes society wants twins to develop separately. Instead, Angela said the twins should embrace their similarities.

“It just really made the girls appreciate being twins in a society that is focused on individuality,” she said. “Don't get me wrong, being an individual is important, but when you are a twin there are connections between one another that cross and instead of feeling it’s wrong to be the same on some things, they learned to embrace the fact that sometimes it’s OK to be the same.”

Since traveling to Twinsburg, Angela said Siena and Hope seem to enjoy each other more.

“Before we went, they would not want to wear the same thing as each other,” she said. “Now, sometimes they want to dress the same.”

Angela said that there are different issues that come with raising twins.

“There are times where they can’t go to bed without each other,” she said. “This year, they are both playing soccer. Last year, only one wanted to play; the one who didn’t was miserable.”

Angela had nothing but good things to say about the Twinsburg community.

“The event was really organized,” she said. You can tell it is something the community takes pride in.”

Angela added that many people who come to the festival end up moving to Twinsburg.

“People get to know each other over the years,” she said. “Those who come make a lot of friends.”

Angela said she plans on making sure the twins get back to the festival.

“We need to take them back there,” she said.


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