Back to the Bricks tour stops in Standish


STANDISH — The Flint-based car cruise Back to the Bricks group stopped off at the Standish Historical Depot June 12 for doughnuts and refreshments during its “Shore to Shore” statewide cruise tour.

Steve Casmer, Vice Chairman for Back to the Bricks and a co-organizer, said the tour is in part a way to build more interest for the cruise itself, which takes place August 13-17. The route took the cruisers through cities like Hart, Cadillac, West Branch, Oscoda, and Mt. Pleasant.

“We had about 150 cars, and in the neighborhood of 300 people who were part of the tour,” Casmer said. “We made arrangements in each city for our overnight stops, and then we have midday stops.”

Casmer said the cruise tends to bring a lot of interest and money to Flint. Additionally, by having the cruisers tour around the state they are able to bring some additional revenue and interest to the people in the cities they stop off in. Aside from money brought in by the cruisers themselves, the cars can be a lightning rod to get people in the area to come out, see the cars and have a night out, Casmer said.

“In Cadillac, we had probably 1,000 people, and there’s only 150 of us, so that’s a lot of people from the public,” he said. “Oscoda also had a sizable turnout. They hired a DJ and had dancing.”

When the tour was looking for a place to stop between Oscoda and Mt. Pleasant, Casmer said he called the depot and spoke to Sue Stein about a place to set up a stop, as Standish was close to being the midway point between the two cities. She suggested the depot itself and arranged to have the group stop off. City Manager Curt Hillman was also at the depot to greet the groups of drivers as they came into town.


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