February 12, 2016

Baffling Bill wows library crowd

Tim Barnum
Hunter View, 6, pulls handkerchiefs out of Baffling Bill's mouth.
Tim Barnum
Baffling Bill holds Gus the Bunny as he tries to read Emily Ratajczak's mind so he can guess her card.
Tim Barnum
Children wiggle their fingers to help Baffling Bill perform a trick.
Tim Barnum
Eva Gilmore, 7, blows on torn up pieces of tissue paper to help them fuse together into a hat.
Tim Barnum
Rachel Hoyt, 6, catches handkerchiefs tossed by Baffling Bill.
Tim Barnum
A tree made of newspaper grows when Baffling Bill says the magic words.
Tim Barnum
Joseph Ratajczak and McKenzie Dickhausen help Baffling Bill complete a magic trick.
Tim Barnum
Baffling Bill says magic words to light up a candle, but instead his book of magic words goes up in flames.

The Baffling Bill performed his magic show at the Mary Johnston Memorial Library in Standish June 26, employing volunteers from the crowd as well as his assistant Gus the Bunny during the show. The library was packed with enthusiastic children, who assisted on many tricks by waving their fingers and shouting the magic words, "Fizz, Boom, Read."

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