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Baseball’s the past time but football is now


America’s sport is NOT baseball… anymore.

That title belongs to football (American, not European).

That’s not a slam on baseball, although when compared to football, it is slower, less urgent and, frankly, doesn’t look as spectacular on the tube.

You can see the football zipping through the air at high speed right into the receiver’s hands, the running back explode through the trenches, the defensive end coming unblocked to smash the quarterback and a receiver leaping and coming down with a catch inches from the sidelines.

Baseball, well, let’s be honest, usually amounts to a bunch of grounders and pop ups – a tiny white ball going into a dusty glove.

Wake me up when someone hits a home run.

Now, baseball does have its moments, but in football those moments happen every play (unless, of course, it’s a complete blowout).

And the production value of football, well, it’s amazing, to put it simply. As a broadcasting major, I am blown away every week at just how great games look and sound.

The mics hanging over the field and placed around the sidelines let us hear every hit and grunt at the line of scrimmage. When a huge collision happens, the smashing of the pads is pumped right into our living rooms.

In baseball, we hear a bat crack and a roar from the crowd. Or we hear commentators rattling on between pitches, trying, and failing, to be funny.

Wake me up for the World Series.

Plus, football is the ultimate fellowship game. How often do you have people over to your house to watch a baseball game on TV?

If you’re like me, it’s basically whoever lives there watches the baseball game.

Football, on the other hand, being once a week, brings people together for food, sometimes beer, and, most importantly entertainment.

And don’t even get me started on tailgating (which I enjoyed in East Lansing as my alma mater traveled to the home of the Spartans and walked away victorious…WOOHOO). Again, an example of football bringing us together.

In fact, even the television ratings are now showing football to be dominant, as college games on Thursdays are beating baseball games with playoff implications on at the same time. Let’s not forget, that for football, people are watching games together, meaning whatever ratings games receive, could probably be easily tripled!

Yes, baseball had some golden years. It has had great games, series, champions and players and I will always remember waking up after my appendix was taken out and seeing Cal Ripken Jr. honored for playing more games in a row than any player in history, forever cementing himself as the sport’s ironman.

But the past time is past it’s prime.

The pigskin is in.

Two minutes to win it is an online sports opinion column by Tim Barnum. A new one will be written at least once a week.


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