Board approves repairs at Au Gres Park house


Au GRES — The Arenac County Board of Commissioners approved up to $5,000 to repair storm damage to a house located at the county park in Au Gres.

Commissioners approved the repairs 5-0 during their Dec. 3 meeting. According to Board Chairman Robert Luce, high winds accompanying storms Nov. 17 knocked down an oak tree, which caused damage to part of the house’s roof, as well as its eaves, soffit and fascia.

Luce said he would like to get the repairs done soon, as the tree created openings in the house’s roof.

“We don’t want anything getting up in there,” he said. “Out there, anything could get up in there. It’s bashed enough that it’s open.”

Luce said he and Commissioner Jeff Trombley made a trip out to the park to clear the tree and assess the damage. The repairs should not be more than $5,000, he said. With the high number of trees near the house, Luce said the county is lucky there was only a small amount of damage.

“With those trees as close to that house as they are, I’m glad only one hit it,” he said.

Luce said he has met with local contractors to discuss the cost of repairs, and hopes to have the project done in the near future.

The house is currently used for storage, Luce said.

“The building is used by the parks,” he said. “We store things in the garage that’s attached. The house itself has never really been remodeled or developed since we own it, due to the fact that costs money.”

However, there is a chance the house could be rented out to vacationers in the future, Luce said.

“We’re looking into the possibility of doing that,” he said. “We’ll have to have code enforcement go out there and advise us if we’re up to code, because the thing hasn’t been used in years.”

The Au Gres Park is located at 3199 North Rumsey Road. It includes beachfront, pavilions, playground equipment and rustic cabins.


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