Bopp-Busch recognized as a top GM supplier


Au GRES — General Motors awarded Bopp-Busch Manufacturing the GM Supplier Quality Excellence Award on Dec. 6 at the Knights of Columbus Hall in Au Gres.

According to Michael Busch, only 7 percent of all GM suppliers received the award, which is based on two metrics: the number of parts per million that are defective, and the number of complaints received from the assembly plants.

“We had less than one part per million that were defective,” Busch said. “Compared to our competition, we had a low rate of complaints.”

Au Gres City Manager Pat Killingbeck said the city is proud to have Bopp-Busch in the community, calling the award a “pretty unique” honor.

Busch said the company has been a supplier for GM practically since its inception in 1948, and while it has received awards in the past, such as for its work with the Saturn line of cars, this award was significant due to the small number of companies that received it.

“I’m very proud of our company,” Busch said. “It’s taken a complete effort from everybody here to achieve it. It says a lot about the employees we have and the pride and care they put into the parts we ship out every day.”

Bopp-Busch provides GM with metal stamping on brackets, Busch said, but the company is not their only customer. He said Bopp-Busch also provides parts for military manufacturers such as General Engine Products and more local companies such as Glastender in Saginaw and Tubular Metal Systems in Pinconning.

Busch said the award is given out annually, and the company will be aiming to get it again next year.

The award was created in 2012, and covers the time period between July 2011 and June 2012.

“Suppliers play a vital part in the overall quality of our vehicles, and we view their hard work and dedication as part of the foundation for GM to continue to be a leader in product quality and overall customer satisfaction,” Bob Socia, vice president of GM’s Global Purchasing and Supply Chain department, said in a press release.


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