C.L. Forshee & Sons Funeral Homes sold to Buresh


ARENAC COUNTY — The C.L. Forshee & Sons Funeral Homes Inc. in Twining and Au Gres have been sold to Buresh Funeral Homes, which operates several chapels in Iosco and Ogemaw counties.

Roberta House-Forshee, the owner and president of the Twining and Au Gres funeral homes, said operating C.L. Forshee & Sons for the last seven years following the death of her husband Jon “Tyler” Forshee was the most rewarding job of her life.

“It’s the most stressful thing I’ve ever done in my life, but it’s the most rewarding thing when a family says thank you,” she said.

“In everything that I’ve done in my life in 47 years, it’s the most rewarding job that I’ve ever had,” House-Forshee continued. “I’m going to miss the people. They became family.”

With the recent controversy surrounding the R.O. Savage Funeral Chapel in Standish, House-Forshee said she wanted clients who prepaid for arrangements with C.L. Forshee to know their arrangements will be honored by Buresh.

“We carry our licenses. Our funds are escrowed,” she said. “We dot our I’s, we cross our T’s. Families need to know that every penny they gave Forshee Funeral Homes are escrowed and secured.”

For the most part, House-Forshee said nothing will change except for some of the people clients talk to about funeral services.

“Everything will be running just the way it did before, as far as the prepaids,” she said. “Buresh Funeral Homes are totally licensed as well.”

C.L. Forshee Funeral Director Kirsten Turner, who handled embalming, directing funerals and other licensed work, is being kept on for the time being, as well as part-time Forshee employees, according to House-Forshee.

“Buresh has agreed right now to keep all staff on,” she said. “We have five part-timers and one full-timer, Kirsten being the full-timer. They’re keeping all of the employees and all of the vendors in place for now.”

House-Forshee said she is not sure what will come next for her.

“I’m hoping for time to breathe, regroup and let Jesus take the wheel. There is nothing concrete or anything,” she said. “This whole thing was thrown in my lap seven years ago after Tyler died, and I did it. It’s up and running. The business is back in order and it’s time for me to follow new opportunities, and do what God has planned for me.”

C.L. Forshee & Sons operated for approximately 99 years, House-Forshee said.

“We didn’t quite make it 100 years, but things change,” she said. “It was time.”


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