November 20, 2018

Caught red-handed

Five local businesses caught selling alcohol to minors

ARENAC COUNTY — The Arenac County Sheriff’s Office, partnering with Bay Area Behavioral Health and the Sterling Area Health Center, participated in the Department of Labor and Economic Growth’s Liquor Control Commission (LCC) project aimed at stopping alcohol purchases by minors.

Caught in the act during the LCC program were five stores in Arenac County – two in Alger, two in Standish, one in Arenac Township.

According to documents sent to “The Arenac County Independent” from the Arenac County Sheriff’s Office, underage, undercover citizens of the county were directed on certain days and at certain times to attempt to purchase alcohol even though the citizens were not 21 years old.

All of the violations were acknowledged and signed off on by officers of the corporations at-fault in four instances and by a member of a limited liability company in the case of the Arenac Township store, which since the infraction, on Aug. 27, has shut down.

Along with the Arenac Township violation, three other instances were recorded as occurring on Aug. 27. One of the Alger violations happened earlier, being reported on July 30.

Three of the licensees in violation incurred $500 fines while two paid $600.

Learn mroe about the LCC violations in "The Arenac County Independent," issue 44, Oct. 29.


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