Celebrate National Tim Barnum Day



It seems that nearly everyone and everything has a day, month, week dedicated to it these days, so I figured, why should I be left out?

So, as it turns out, we’re merely a matter of days from my favorite holiday — Tim Barnum Day.

In case you haven’t been made aware, Tim Barnum Day is observed on Jan. 26. It is a festive day, made to honor the birth of a great man.


Several important people have been born on Tim Barnum day. As you probably figured out by now, they are some of the most respected at what they do.

Take for example, Paul Newman, born on the Jan. 26, 1925. That’s right, Cool Hand Luke, a World War II veteran who has his own line of salad dressing and co-founded Newman/Haas Racing, was born on Tim Barnum Day.

Or, if you are more about music than movies, I’m sure you’ve heard of Eddie Van Halen, who came into this world on Tim Barnum Day in 1955. You’d be hard pressed to find a guitarist with the skill and originality of Eddie Van Halen. For more information, listen to “Eruption.”

Enough said.

For the sports fans out there, don’t worry. There’s reason for you to celebrate Tim Barnum Day as well.

Vince Carter, who is known for wowing fans during the NBA Slam Dunk Contest in 2000 with his 360-degree windmill and “elbow in the rim” dunk, the man who leaped 7-foot-2-inch French man Frederic Weis in the 2000 Olympics, was born on Tim Barnum Day 1977.

I’ll admit it, Vinsanity being called great is a bit of a stretch. But those two flashes of greatness are truly worthy of someone born on Tim Barnum Day.

Even if Carter’s greatness is a bit of a reach, what about the “Great One?”

That’s right, folks. Wayne Gretzky, the greatest hockey player of all time (sorry Gordie Howe), brought his talents into the world on Tim Barnum Day 1961.

And for the skeptics out there questioning the holiday’s legitimacy, calling it just another ploy for materialism and consumerism, I have a question for you.

Do you hate the state of Michigan?

That’s right. If you hate Tim Barnum Day, you hate the state of Michigan. For it was on this hallowed day in 1837 that the Great Lakes State entered into the union.

Without Tim Barnum Day, we may all be living in Ohio. Or Canada. Think about that for a moment. Yeah. Tim Barnum Day’s not sounding so bad now is it?

I could go on for days and days, talking about other notable Tim Barnum Day birthdays (Ellen Degeneres, of daytime talk fame, Bob Uecker, the wisecracking play-by-play man from the movie “Major League,” or Gene Siskel, whose thumbs sealed the critical standing of thousands of movies over the years), but I think that would be overkill.

So this year, observe the holiday. It’s not hard to do. Just take out your Tim Barnum Day decorations (I know many of you cut out my photo each week it runs in the paper; don’t try to hide it) and put them out in your yard — just like other holidays.

Christmas. Easter. Thanksgiving. Tim Barnum Day.

The rest are just Hallmark holidays.


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It was also Uncle Forrests b-day. The uncle who grew the huge pumplkinss

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