City looking to allow for special use of industrial park for community ball fields



STANDISH — The Standish City Council will move forward with the next step in the potential construction of new community ball fields in the city’s industrial park.

The council passed a motion at its monthly meeting on Thursday, Aug. 18 to see if it is better to rezone the industrial park to make room for the fields or if the city should allow for a special use of the area, per request from the Standish Planning Commission.

The Standish-Sterling Youth Sports Organization was approached by Mayor Pro Tem Jerry Nelson about constructing the fields on the northeast side at the industrial park located on Airpark Drive in Standish.

Mayor Mark Winslow said the Standish Planning Commission met and discussed the issue and requested the city look at its options.

“To rezone the property we would have to make an amendment to the park ordinance,” he said. “Or, we could dedicate the area for special use.”

Winslow said the process of rezoning the area of land for the fields could be a longer process.

“Rezoning would be a more involved process,” he said. “While making it a special use would mean that anyone seeking a special use would still have to come through the city.”

Nelson said he just wants to see the project happen.

“I don’t care how we get it done,” he said. “I just want to see it happen.”

Nelson said he has not seen much interest from the industrial community for the decommissioned airport land.

“It’s not like anyone is knocking at our door,” he said. “We have people who want to do something, and we are looking at a project that could add $300,000 in fields and equipment.”

Nelson said he wants to see these fields in the Standish area.

“If we can get this project moving, finally, we can have something in Standish like Sterling and Pinconning have,” he said.

Earlier this month, Richard Sullivan, vice president of the Standish-Sterling Youth Sports Organization, said the fields could cost around $60,000 per field. He added that the property on Airpark Drive would be a better location than the originally planned location along Grove Road north of Standish-Sterling Central High School.

“When we looked at the property on Airpark Drive, we noticed the ground was much flatter and we would not have to excavate much in the area,” he said. “Plus, there is already a parking lot there.”


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Isn't this the same area the City of Standish approved for the sale/use of the medical marjuana dispenseries?

Friday, August 26, 2011 | Report this

OK....$300,000 will be spent for a few baseball diamonds that might get used for about five months per year. Big question: Who's going to pay for it and how much of it will the city be on the hook for?

Lest everyone forget, the council just asked us all to kick in another $80 a year apiece just to keep the police department afloat.

Maybe I'm missing something here, but now they're talking about spending more than a QUARTER MILLION DOLLARS for a god-forsaken little-league baseball field?

Does the SS Youth Sports Org have that kind of money? I doubt it. So where's the money going to come from, bake sales? That's a lot of cookies to sell. And who's going to pay for the field's upkeep after they're built?

The city officials can't find the money to fund the PD, but they think a six-figure little-league park is a great idea. Does anyone else see the disconnect here?

Saturday, August 27, 2011 | Report this

Yes, buffalo, I do believe it is the intention of the newly founded SS Youth Sports Org to fund this. How about being a positive force and attending their first big fundraiser on September 14, 2011 and seeing what their plans are. Ticket info below.

Brought to you by the SSYSO (Standish-Sterling Youth Sports Organization), proceeds going toward future field development for baseball/softball. Dinner tickets $40 single, $20 spouse or child (15 & under). Become a sponsor, donate $200 and receive 2 dinner tickets and entry into sponsor only gun drawing. Contact Rich Sullivan 989-846-1442, Ryan Raymond 989-846-1779 or Jason Vallad 989-780-4019.

Ticket deadline September 9

Monday, August 29, 2011 | Report this

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