December 16, 2018

C’mon Brett


Well, here we are again.

Another football season is just around the corner, NFL teams are reporting to camp, some rookie is holding out for a little extra, and Brett Favre is toying with everyone.

As a life long Detroit Lions fan I have seen Favre at his best, two times a year, every year, for many years. Let’s be honest, when Favre plays Detroit he is unstoppable. I would go as far as to say the majority of his all-time NFL numbers come against the Lions.

Favre is the NFL’s all-time leader in passing yards, passing touchdowns, completions, and let’s not forget he is the Iron Man, starting 309 consecutive games, if you include his playoff apearences.

As much as it hurt watching him beat the Lions for so many years, you had to respect the man for living the dream. If I were Favre I would think that I would have played the game the same way.

Just watch an old clip of Favre and you will see he plays with absolute joy and intensity. I love that about him. But, now… now Favre has become a punch line for the start of every football season. A prima donna to end all others.

I have been on this earth for 23 years now and I still remember Favre as who he used to be before his yearly circus.

I remember when he went to leave the Packers the first time. He held a press conference, cried, and I thought, “Alright Brett, it’s ok.” I was glad to see him leave so the Lions might stand a chance in Lambeau in December, but I was going to miss that guy.

Then he came back. Then he did it again and the Packers told him he would have to be the back-up to Aaron Rodgers who had patiently waited three years to get his shot. Rodgers never whined, he just sat back and waited for his shot. The Packers were ready to move on, and they did, shipping Favre to the Jets in 2008.

The change of scenery did not change Favre, and at the end of that season he said he was sure he would not be back.

August came around and Favre was back, and to make it worse he was in the NFC North again, this time with the Minnesota Vikings.

I almost forgave him for beating the Lions twice after seeing how well he played last season. The guy was 40 and he got the Vikings within one play of the Super Bowl.

I thought, for sure, that this was going to be the season that we did not have to hear about Favre retiring. Then on Tuesday it started again, with one little text message to a couple teammates, the retirement ball began to roll again.

I honestly don’t know where this latest talk of retirement will end up. He said he will play, if his ankle is healthy.

So I am going to assume that the ankle will be ready. I’m Sure it hurts now, but after week 2 of the preseason, I bet it is going to feel just fine. Favre will probably feel even better after Sept. 26, when the Detroit Lions come to town.


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