February 7, 2016

Construction of US-23 overpass to be completed by the end of January



Construction on the US-23 overpass over southbound M-13 is in its final stages and is expected to be completed by the end of January.

According to Michigan Department of Transportation Spokesperson Anita Richardson, southbound M-13 will be closed on Monday, January 3 through Monday, Jan. 10, as construction nears completion on the overpass.

Richardson said the closure will allow MDOT to build an enclosure around a span, which is currently being reconstructed.

“M-13 will reopen to traffic once the enclosure is removed,” she said. “(The enclosure) is only there to heat the area so the concrete doesn't freeze while the (concrete) is curing.

Richardson said as soon as the announced lane closures end southbound M-13 will reopen.

Motorists will be redirected on the US-23 connector to I-75, where they can exit at Pinconning Road to get back to M-13. Richardson said that Northbound traffic will not be rerouted during the constructions final stages.

She said that the total cost of the construction is $190,936.50.

“The state is paying the cost now, but (that) gets turned (over) to the insurance company of the driver once they are identified,” she said.

The overpass was damaged on Sept. 17 when a truck with a high boom heading southbound on M-13 hit the US-23 overpass leaving debris scattered all across the highway.

Contractor C A Hull was selected to reconstruct the overpass.

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