County looks to recoup funds from former inmate

ARENAC COUNTY — While Patrick Fender, a 53 year old Moffatt Township resident, was housed in the Arenac County Jail, a nurse who assisted Fender, who is also a paraplegic with only one arm, was paid $22.50 per hour, a cost that Board of Commissioners Chairman Raymond Daniels says hit the county for about $20,000.

Now, with the assistance of Arenac County Assistant Prosecutor Richard Vollbach, Daniels says the county will attempt to regain as much of those funds from Fender as possible.

“The county will try to recoup some funds from a gentleman who was in jail and received some special care,” Daniels said, adding the amount that will be recouped is unknown. “Other people (guilty of crimes) have to pay restitution costs and that’s what this is.”

Get the rest of the story in "The Arenac County Independent's" issue 38, available Sept. 17.


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