County’s unemployment drops in July


ARENAC COUNTY — After increasing in June, the unemployment rate in Arenac County decreased in July by .4-percent, dropping from 17.3-percent to 16.9-percent, the county’s third best percentage this year.

“This was basically a statewide phenomena,” said Department of Energy, Labor and Economic Growth (DELEG) Regional Economic Analyst Rhea Acuna. “A lot of the Northern, smaller counties, they’ve been adding jobs over the months.”

According to the DELEG’s Bureau of Labor Market Information statistics, the county had overall increases of 32 jobs in the labor force and 76 employed people.

In that labor force, 24 less people were unemployed than in June’s stats.

Acuna says it’s not clear, however, if this small recovery will keep up as summer winds down.

“It’s hard to say. … We’ll probably see summer-seasoned industries stop adding jobs,” she said, adding leisure industries that thrive during the summer probably pushed unemployment down. “But if there’s winter-seasoned industries there, they’ll start adding jobs.”

Arenac County’s unemployment rate was better than 22 counties in Michigan, which saw an overall increase in its jobless rate, increasing to 15.6-percent in July, up a small margin, from its 15.4-percent rate.

Acuna is an economic analyst for the Saginaw, Bay, Midland, Flint and Thumb areas.


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