February 10, 2016

Customer or Ginny Pig?

Posted 8/31/10

Over the past year corresponding with local board members and bankers, people are no longer customers, they are the Ginny Pig.

The statement,"in the customers best interest", is yet to be found. Have you "the customer" meet with community officials or lenders and left the meeting an outcome in your favor?

Do the banks and credit unions who claim their here to listen and assist the customer write up individual plans based on their needs? So far, NO! I see the same written policy pulled out regardless of the different needs of individuals.

Shouldn't lenders advertise: "We are here to listen to the customer to see if they fit our policies"?

Believe it or not, by using unfair and outdated policies, MORTGAGE LENDERS have been allowed to suppress property values below acceptable values. A customer with a mortgage and no other debt who qualifies to build new, can not get refinanced for his existing home.

Policies need to change to fit the current economic standards and fit the needs of the people.

Stay strong, keep your faith and live YOUR life to the fullest.

Blessings my friends.

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