Drain commission resolves winter tax bill error


ARENAC COUNTY — New Arenac County Drain Commissioner Larry Davis, interim Drain Commission Clerk Nancy Selle, who is filling in for the Drain Commission Clerk while she is on injury leave, and a representative from Gladwin County’s Drain Commission have worked diligently since late December 2008 in an effort to resolve an error in billing that occurred on the Whitney and Bodwin drain bills.

According to Davis, new bills will not be sent out due to the amount of money it would cost the county in overhead.

“The horse got out of the barn,” Davis says. “And it’s too far to catch for 2008.”

He says a computer glitch added the Drain Special Assessment from 2007 to the 2008 Drain Special Assessment for both the Whitney and Bodwin Drains.

“We’ve discussed our options and are in the process of sending out letters to those effected,” Davis said. “For Whitney, those that have already paid will see a drop in their principal and interest payments in the long run and will only be required to pay through 2014. For Bodwin, they’ll be put on a 5-year schedule instead of the 6-year schedule. Those that haven’t paid and cannot afford to pay the larger assessment due to hardships will be informed to contact my office as soon as possible by Feb. 10 and we’ll work with them to avoid becoming delinquent.

“We’ve been given the okay to use monies from the revolving drain fund to pay the difference.”

He also says the Bodwin Drain had an error in the calculation of years versus percentage of total cost of the project.

“Somehow the percentages added up to 120%,” Davis said. “So we took care of that problem and parcels will see lower payments in the remaining years.”

Davis says when the computers are rolled over for the next year, a test program is run and then eliminated afterwards. When the test program was run for 2008, it didn’t eliminate the program and that’s were the problems began, he says.

“We’re back on track now, so there shouldn’t be any more problems other than adjusting the bills once they come in,” Davis said.

It was reported on Dec. 16, on arenacindependent.com, there was a glitch in the programs Arenac County uses to calculate tax bills for the county.

It was also reported on Dec. 23 there was a representative from Gladwin’s Drain Commission contracted to help resolve the matter.


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