EDITORIAL — Spend some time together and sharpen up


Nov. 22-28 is National Game and Puzzle Week, as well as National Family Week. This is an opportune time to enjoy each other’s company, while also taking time to hold some activities that can have some benefits to the most important part of the human body – the brain.

Whether you are playing a board game, putting together a jigsaw puzzle or working a difficult crossword puzzle, there are plenty of chances to strengthen your mind.

Crosswords can keep one’s memory sharp by forcing them to recall and remember words to fill in the puzzle based on given clues; and they can also increase vocabulary when one pieces together words that may be uncommon by filling in spaces around them, ultimately realizing what word fits the clues given for a tough word.

A jigsaw puzzle may take a long time to finish, but can teach one the power of staying focused and persistent when figuring how all the pieces fit together to create a finished product that seems foreign when looking at the tiny pieces individually.

But those kinds of puzzles are usually solo activities. Since it’s also family week, and Thanksgiving is smack-dab in the middle of the week, why not get out an old board game or play charades after the big meal, rather than passing out on the couch with a full stomach?

The family will already be there, so make the most out of the week and each other’s company.


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