February 6, 2016



ARENAC COUNTY — Voters in Arenac County went to the polls on Tuesday, May 5 to vote in various elections, including AuGres City Council, Tawas Area Schools District Board of Education, the Whittemore-Prescott non-homestead millage and Standish-Sterling Community Schools Board of Education.

In the City Council election, 34 voters made their ways to the polls, all casting their votes for Bob Woolever.

Voters in Whitney Township had an opportunity to select from four different candidates for the Tawas School Board. Voters could select two and the breakdown of the 35 votes cast in Whiney Township is as follows: Bill Britt – 18; Elaine Brown – 18; Jeffrey Chadwick – 19; and Craig Hahn – 6.

Dr. Leonard LeClair was the lone write-in, or candidate of any sort for that matter, electors could vote for in the Standish-Sterling School Board election. LeClair garnered 53 votes total, seven from Clayton Township, five from Moffatt Township, five from Standish Township, five from Deep River Township, six from Lincoln Township and 23 from the city of Standish.

In the case of the Whittemore-Prescott non-homestead millage, only two voters from Arenac County cast votes, both in favor of the millage. The millage ended up passing 152-116.

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