Elementary tiers not feasible, says Standish-Sterling Superintendent


STANDISH — Just days after discussing the issue with school board members, Standish-Sterling Superintendent Darren Kroczaleski said tiering the district’s elementary structure would not be feasible.

Kroczaleski told board members during their May meeting that under a tiered structure, rather than elementary classrooms being separated by location, they would be separated by grade levels. He said preschool through second-grade classes could be at either Standish or Sterling elementary, and third and fourth grades could be at the other elementary school, with fifth-graders being moved to the middle school building.

However, Kroczaleski told the Independent May 15 that there were just too many logistical issues with switching to a tiered setup.

“We were looking at it, but there are a lot of factors you’ve got to look at,” he said. “And when we look at all the factors, it just wasn’t feasible.”

Bussing and ensuring that students received enough instructional hours were potential problems the district could face with tiering, Kroczaleski told board members. After reviewing the tiered structure further, Kroczaleski said the district’s structure did not lend itself to being tiered.

“There are just a lot of logistical issues with the transportation, time, location of where the buildings are — just the district’s setup doesn’t seem to lend itself to the setup of tiering elementaries,” he told the Independent.

At the May 12 board meeting, Kroczaleski said the district would have to make a decision on tiering the elementary students by late May or early June for it to be implemented in the 2014-15 school year. He said that implementation had been mentioned by educators in the past, and that it did seem to have some benefits.

“Educationally it’s a great practice,” he told board members. “I’ve had teachers approach me. It’s been mentioned in meetings.”


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