Embezzlement warrant issued for former township treasurer


ARENAC TWP. — A warrant has been issued from the Arenac County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office for the arrest of former Arenac Township Treasurer Bonnie Campbell, formerly known as Michelle Mackenzie, alleging she embezzled money from the township.

Prosecutor Curtis Broughton said the warrant was issued in late April after the conclusion of a Michigan State Police investigation into the matter. The warrant carries a charge of embezzlement more than $20,000 but less than $50,000. The alleged embezzlement occurred between 2006 and 2011, Broughton said.

Currently, Campbell is living in Utah, and would have to be extradited to Michigan for an arrest to be made, Broughton said.

“Basically you get a governor’s warrant from the state that she lives in,” he said. “So the governor of that state has to basically sign something to turn her over to the state of Michigan.”

Arenac Township Supervisor Jim Daly said a township resident submitted Freedom of Information Act requests for information regarding Campbell’s performance of treasurer duties last year.

“We found out about it in March of last year that there might have been something done wrong,” he said.

Township Treasurer Debra Rice said the allegedly embezzled money — about $20,000 — has caused several budget woes for the township.

“We’re very tight right now because of that,” she said. “We can’t do roads. There are a lot of things that used to be done in the township that can’t be done anymore. It’s definitely different now because of this money that’s gone.”

Rice said the township operates on a budget of roughly $100,000 per year. She said there have been other expenses associated with the alleged embezzlement, including penalties owed or paid to the federal government due to unfiled audits and reports.

“It’s just a snowball,” she said. “It keeps rolling and building.”


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