February 12, 2016

End of summer crackdown nets over 700 arrests for drinking and driving

11 in Arenac County leads to contract with OHSP

By Tim Barnum
Staff Writer

MICHIGAN — On Sept. 17, the Michigan Office of Highway Safety Planning (OHSP) released the results of its end-of-summer drunk driving crackdown that lasted from Aug. 15 to Sept.1.

The OHSP results say over that period, Michigan law enforcement officers arrested 770 motorists for drinking and driving and another 538 drivers were cited for other alcohol-related offenses.

In Arenac County specifically, the Arenac County Sheriff’s Office says 11 arrests for drinking and driving were made out of 89 vehicles stopped during the crackdown.

The numbers in the crackdown were down statewide, as last year the OHSP says it made 1,0002 drunk driving arrests during its crackdown.

“It appears that most motorists got the message that drinking and driving are a bad mix,” said OHSP Director Michael Prince. “Compared to last year, statistics reported by law enforcement indicate fewer drunk driving arrests as well as overall citations.”

In total, OHSP statistics say 24,462 vehicles were stopped during the crackdown and on top of the alcohol arrests, this year netted 256 felony arrests (Arenac County – 0) and 2,402 misdemeanor offences (Arenac County – 8).

The OHSP also reported 621 safety belt citations during this period (Arenac – 2) and 159 child restraint tickets (Arenac – 0).

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