Expecting big things on the links this year


It’s time for what has become an annual tradition — me writing a column about my golf game.

However, this year’s column will be quite different. There will be no talk of the anger the game has caused me (I think I wrote two years ago that a round of golf made me want to punch everybody I looked at in the face).

Although I hadn’t played since last summer before I first played in March, I felt more confident in my game when I teed up. There was no comeback from a multi-year absence. There was no big decision to return to the course after swearing off the game for good.

I knew I was going to get back on the course, and I knew I was going to be better than ever.

Not to mention, I’m swinging a new driver. Yeah, that helps too.

Of course there have been multiple hiccups. Out of three trips to the golf course this year, my drives have evolved from straight-soaring fairway-seekers to low-flying hooks hell-bent on finding the rough. Or trees in some cases.

It also seems that I still can’t consistently make a putt longer than four feet. Putting has been one area on the course I haven’t even tried to work on, to be honest. Being able to get on the green without having to chip in for par has trumped trying to prevent two-putts.

But let me tell you a bit about my pride and joy — my sand wedge. This little close-range baby has been working wonders for me this year. Any shot 100 yards or shorter brings a smile to my face, because I know Old Reliable, the sand wedge, can be pulled out of the bag.

It’s like my old friend.

At least for now. That’s sure to change once I swing in the sand and muff one that doesn’t even make it out of the bunker or swing from 25 yards out and blast a shot 30 yards past the green.

Ugh. There I go again. The old golf negativity creeping back in.

At least I have already gotten a birdie this summer on a par four. I don’t want to say that’s a rare occurrence — because it was the first occurrence.

So with that milestone under my belt, just know that if you see me on the links this year, you may be shocked. Gone are the outbursts of rage, shouts aimed at my driver and the annual swearing-off of the game forever.

The new golf-course Tim is enlightened and just happy to play.

Until I’m in a scramble. Then I’m in it to win it.



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