February 14, 2016

Food bank week important in this economy

Posted 10/14/09

Due to the economic struggles, especially here in Northern Michigan, many people have been forced to make difficult decisions.

For many, these decisions have revolved around forgoing luxuries that they might once have been able to afford, holding off on making major purchases or simply switching to off-brand products while shopping.

However, many find themselves in a situation where they have to decide if they, and their family, will be able to eat that day.

That is where our local area food banks, pantries and other charities step in to lend a helping hand.

But now, stress is being added to these support organizations as demand for services have increased, and the donations that they rely on have begun to slow down. They now need the support of our community more than ever.

All the publications in the Sunrise Printing and Publishing family are proud to step up and help support these organizations, especially during National Food Bank Week from Oct. 11-17.

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