February 10, 2016

Forest Lake kicks off summer

Sherry Barnum
Nathan Hicks, 7, of Grosse Pointe gets his face painted by Nichelle Bergman of West Branch.
Sherry Barnum
Alex Cunnigham, 3, of Grosse Pointe points to the heart he wants painted on his face.
Sherry Barnum
Lily McNaughton, 6, lets Mary McNaughton, 4, both of Croswell smell a candle.
Sherry Barnum
Alexis Hansen, 5, of Dearborn checks out bracelets.
Sherry Barnum
Sandra Lawrence of Forest Lake shows Debbie Delap of Goodrich some homemade rugs.

Forest Lake kicked off summer with their annual craft bazaar and garage sales on May 24. People from all over the area came out to the clubhouse and subdivision in search of unique finds for the fifth year in a row.

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