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STERLING — Sterling resident Dennis Haut said he wanted to let people know the truth, and he hopes his new book about his experience as a high school principal at Standish-Sterling Central will inform people about what really goes on behind the scenes.

The book, titled “Listen to the Echo: Truth & Justice Betrayed,” debuted on Aug. 28 in paperback and e-reader formats, and has already sold 25,000 copies nationwide.

Haut said the book has “caused a stir” in the area.

“I wanted to let people know what was going on,” he said. “Everything in this book actually happened.”

According to a description of the book on, “You will be surprised at what actually takes place in institutions for your children in both public and private schools existing today in our society. You can now judge for yourself based on the true facts presented in this book.”

Haut declined to comment about controversial issues in the book, but claims that every detail is true, though he changed the names of those involved.

“I wanted to protect the innocent, if there were any,” he said.

Haut said that people know him as a person who tells the truth.

“I have been known to speak my mind,” he said. “I think that people respect that.”

Haut, who still lives in Sterling, retired from SSC in 2004. He added that he never wanted to retire.

“I never wanted to resign or retire from the district when I did,” he said. “I just did what was the best option for me to have (health) coverage.”

Haut said he also writes about his experience as a principal at St. Stevens in Saginaw and Bay City All Saints.

“The first 47 pages of the book talk about my time in Saginaw and Bay City,” he said. “Most of it is about my time in Standish.”

Haut said the book could be in discussions for a movie deal soon as well.

“My editor informed me that the he may pitch the book for a movie in New York soon,” he said. “We will see where that takes us.”


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I had always had a lot of respect for Mr. Haut until I read this book. Now I pray for him because it is obvious that if he feels what he wrote in this book is the truth as he sees it, then he is seeling life and the people in his life in a very dark way.

To take the truth and distort it as he did to hurt all these people, students included, to please his hurting is very very sad. I don't understand how he can look at the people he use to call his friends and justify how he distorted the facts as the truth, I just don't understand.

May God heal Mr. Haut and help him to write a book that will in turn help people with the actual truth, not hurt them.

Monday, September 26, 2011 | Report this

I read a lot of petty small things in this book, I truly think that while some of the things may be true, Mr. Haut my carefully be glossing over thing that he did that could end up in a book that someone else writes, the truth is always somewhere in the middle, and my instinct says that while some of this may be true, some certainly is, lets say embellished for the page!!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011 | Report this

I graduated from SSC nearly 50 years ago and have only occasionally returned to my old "home". The above article prompted me to buy the kindle edition of the book. What a mistake that was. Fool me once shame on you. I was dismayed at the rambling, incoherent, vicious stream of drivel I encountered. The prose was at a C- 9th grade level and sentiment was childishly vindictive.

If Mr Haut thinks this book sold 25,000 copies in a month and Hollywood is awaiting he better check his pocket. His vanity publisher just picked it.

Fool me twice shame on me.

Thursday, September 29, 2011 | Report this


Sunday, October 16, 2011 | Report this

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