October 22, 2018

Former Whitney treasurer appointed after new one resigns


WHITNEY TWP. — The former Whitney Township treasurer, Noreen Pendred, was appointed to her old position at a special meeting Nov. 21, after the newly elected Treasurer Cindy Bodner abruptly resigned.

Bodner issued a letter of resignation at 12:05 p.m. on Nov. 20, five minutes after officially taking office, which led the newly-elected board to ask Pendred if she would be interested in returning to the position. She was unanimously appointed during the meeting for at least a year.

“I’m willing to take the job for a year to train someone for the position,” Pendred said. She is interested in training office deputies to take over at that point.

Pendred also was reappointed to her position as the township’s water clerk for at least a year, citing her desire to train someone else to take over that position as well. She is interested in a raise, but the board said they would cover that at their next regular meeting on Dec. 11.

Pendred was sworn in following the meeting by Clerk Kimberly Anderson.

Trustee Marie Piotrowski said Bodner’s resignation so soon after being elected was strange, but her reasons were not the business of the board. Bodner said in her resignation letter that she wanted to continue serving as the recording secretary for the township’s planning commission.

Since the rest of the board is comprised of new faces, Supervisor Donald Becker said the new board has had a rough transition so far, and is still figuring out where everything is located at the township hall — a situation a township veteran like Pendred could help with.

County Commissioner Mike Snyder, who attended the meeting, said Pendred would be very helpful to the new board, and helped alleviate his concerns that there were no incumbents remaining to help with the transition.

He said that the local level is where the “rubber hits the road” in government, and the decisions made by the township board would affect not only the residents, but the county government as well.

“There’s an old fable about a goldfish in the pond, and the fish lived well,” Snyder said. “It went on to the land and noticed more things in the world.”

“I think that’s where you folks are,” he added. “The world is about to blossom for you.”

The township board also signed up for officials training on Dec. 6 so the rest of the board could get brought up to speed on managing the affairs of the township. Snyder also offered to give the board a tour of the courthouse to introduce them to the various administrative staff and officials there they may work with in the future.


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