Fourth annual Sucker Derby held in Omer



OMER — The suckers were running, and the nets were full during the Fourth Annual Sucker Derby.

The Sucker Derby was held in Omer, alongside the Rifle River, Saturday, April 2. Derby President Larry Daly said the event was a success.

“Everything went very well,” he said. “We did not have the number of people that we have had in the past, but things were good.”

Daly said he believes that high gas prices and cool weather may have played a role in the event having lower numbers. He added that the number of child participants was still very good. Participants were required to purchase buttons to compete for prizes.

“We had 100 kids buttons to hand out, and we ran out,” he said. “We had to start selling adult buttons to some of the kids.”

Daly said that having so many children was a positive.

“Getting children involved, that is what we are trying to do,” he said. “The kids that came were really exited to be there.”

Prizes were handed out to winners of different events. Daily said three fish that were caught weighed more than four pounds.

“One was 4.76 pounds,” he said. “That is a good size for a sucker.”

Daly said that with recent snow and rainfall, the season will peak this week.

“I would say by Wednesday or Thursday the suckers will really start coming down the river,” he said. “Things just started to get going.”

Daly said that people from across Michigan were at the Sucker Derby.

“We had some people from Lansing and near Detroit come up,” he said. “These are people who come up every year.”

Daly said one group from Lansing had a lot of success over the weekend.

“They were catching two or three fish at a time,” he said. “They had two coolers full.”

Daly said that around 15 prizes from the event went unclaimed. He added that anyone looking to claim their prizes can call Ma’s Girl Café at 989-653-2700.


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