Fourth-graders raise money for St. Jude’s



STANDISH — What started as a lesson for fourth-grade students at Standish Elementary, soon turned into something much bigger than the class and their teacher Diane Potts could have imagined.

“We were talking, during our social studies lesson, about the common good,” she said. “Soon we all started discussing what we could do to help others.”

The class mentioned to Potts that they had seen a documentary on television about St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, Potts said the class unanimously decided to raise money for the hospital.

“Our goal was to raise about $230,” she said.

The class collected $606.90 between Feb. 1 and Feb. 28.

“We had a tally graph in our classroom. It got so tall that it reached the ceiling,” Potts said.

Once the class started collecting money, Potts said everything, “Took off.”

“We had individuals bringing in their own money,” she said. “When we had a snowstorm a few weeks back, a few of the students shoveled snow and donated that money.”

Potts said that the fourth-graders also sold hot chocolate, and incorporated techniques they learned in class.

“We had just learned about the assembly line in class,” she said. “I had each of the students working in shifts and doing one specific job. They noticed what they were doing and said, ‘Hey, this is really cool.’”

Potts said that the class even created a jingle that played during the school’s morning announcement. She added that her students felt good about helping out.

“The students are very proud of what they did, and they should be,” she said. “Every student participated 100 percent.”

Potts said that she will look to have her students participate in events like this in the future.

“I would like to see us do something locally in the future,” she said. “It’s important that students have a voice. Whatever they want to do will be up to them.”


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