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AuGRES — The AuGres city council will meet with the city’s planning commission to discuss the future of the property where the AuGres Water Funland currently sits.

The property, located at 167 N. Water St. in AuGres, alongside US-23, has reverted back into the hands of the city.

City Manager Patricia Killingbeck said that after two attempts for sale at auction, the property is reverting back over to the city.

“It has been, about, a three-year process,” she said.

The property was placed into the hands of the Arenac County Treasurer’s office after taxes were not paid.

Arenac County Treasurer Dennis Stawowy said that the three years of unpaid taxes added up to $40,000.

“Now that it is in the city’s hands, they can choose to do with it what they want,” he said.

Stawowy said that the property was up for bid last year, and no one bid.

“We had a second bid for $1, with the land divided up into 27 parcels,” he said. “If anyone bid, they would have had to buy everything on that land. Again, we had no takers.”

Although no one bid on the property, Stawowy said that he had a number of inquiries.

“People were interested in the property,” he said. “Some people were interested in buying the water slide. I know that a park in Saginaw had a slide sell for around $1,500.”

Killingbeck said that the AuGres Water Funland closed around four years ago. She added that she was not sure what the planning commission will do with the property.

“I know that there has been a limited amount of interest in the property,” she said. “Obviously, we can’t just sell it.”

Killingbeck said the park opened in AuGres during the mid 1980s.

“It was a viable part of the town and a great attraction,” she said. “It fell on hard times and had to close.”

The AuGres Water Funland featured a number of attractions, Killingbeck said.

“They had a water park, bumper boats, go-karts and an arcade,” she said. “ I know that a few years ago a lot of those items were auctioned off.”

Killingbeck said that schools and campers also enjoyed using the park during its heyday.

“Campers who came to AuGres loved walking across the bridge and spending time there,” she said. “We also had a lot of participation from the local schools.”

Stawowy said he could see the property becoming viable again.

“If you look at AuGres, there is not really a strip-mall style of buildings where you put a dentist office or law office,” he said. “That location is perfect for something.”


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this is sad funland was a fun place to go to. hopefull augres can get up and running

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