Grant will cover cost of spaying and neutering for some adopters


ARENAC COUNTY — The cost of spaying and neutering more than 50 pets from adopted from the Arenac County Animal Shelter will be covered by a Michigan Animal Welfare Fund grant.

The Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development announced via a Dec. 23 press release that Arenac County Animal Control was approved for a $6,500 grant from the fund.

“It will be for 10 cat spays and 10 cat neuters, and 25 dog spays and 25 dog neuters,” Animal Control Officer Catherine Lemunyon said.

Currently, when an animal is adopted, the adopter is responsible for taking the dog or cat to the veterinarian to have it fixed, Lemunyon said. For some pet adopters, the grant will ensure they are getting a healthy pet that has already visited the vet before being adopted, she said.

“I think it’s beneficial to the adopter, because the dog will have went in to the veterinarian,” she said. “It will have been fixed, so the adopter will be adopting a healthy dog. As opposed to right now, they come in to adopt a dog or cat and they have to take the obligation of spaying and neutering.”

Lemunyon said the grant is for shelter animals that are available for adoption, not for privately owned pets.

“It’s not for animals owned by the public,” she said. “It’s not for animals outside the shelter that are owned by private people. There is a great need for spay and neuter programs, but this grant is specifically for shelter animals.”

Lemunyon said animal control applied for the grant around late October or early November. She said she expects the grant funds to ready for application in February.

The Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development doled out a total of $184,722 in animal shelter grants, according to the press release. The grant monies were garnered through donations on income tax returns.


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