Grove Road house fire confirmed as arson


By Tim Barnum

Staff writer

STANDISH — Detective Sgt. Mike Jenkinson of the Gladwin State Police Post’s Fire Investigation Unit confirmed a house fire that occurred late Sept. 16 was, in fact, arson.

“This scene here kind of stuck out like a sore thumb,” Jenkinson said. “The fire started on the front porch where there’s no reason for a fire to be accidentally started.”

He added fire patterns and witness observations also led to the conclusion that the fire was intentionally caused.

Jenkinson says the homeowner, Connie Kellogg, who was renting the house out to tenants who were not home during the time of the fire, did have insurance on the rental property.

Currently, Jenkinson says the follow-up to the investigation is being handled by the Arenac County Sheriff’s Office.

“We do have suspects,” he said.

He added, however, that although the fire was easy to confirm as the work of an arsonist, finding the arsonist is the difficult part of the process.

The Michigan Arson Prevention Committee is offering up to a $5,000 reward for information regarding the fire. Anyone with information can call 800-44-ARSON (27766).


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