Happy trails. Hope I never see you again.


As of Sept. 21 it was officially autumn, which gave me and countless others the chance to bid adieu to summer.

Usually this is a horrible experience where I cling to summer’s pant leg and plead with it not to leave.

Umm, not so much this year. Especially given the fact that last week was probably the nicest week we’ve encountered since August 2007.

Seriously, did anybody enjoy his or her summer this year? I know students and teachers (let’s not kid ourselves) probably loved not having to sit in a cramped room where they can’t stand 50 percent of the people there, but was this summer really worth missing?

Maybe if you’re one of those people who don’t really exist that “love walking in the rain.”

Like I said, no one like that exists. If they do, I suggest you seek help. Getting soaked in full clothing is not a good time.

In fact if I was to wager a guess as to how much rainfall we’ve gotten this past summer, I’d probably throw out something like 40 inches or so.

Of course, I have no idea if that’s accurate or even a reasonable shot in the dark, it’s probably lower, but I am far from a meteorologist.

The point is it never stopped raining until last week. In June, July and August, I can’t remember a time when we had four straight days without a downpour. And Mother Nature gave us a bonus kiss goodbye on Sept. 14 when I swear it rained from 6 a.m. to 8 p.m.

Even farmers are complaining about the rain as their fields went from dry, desolate deserts last summer to small oceans with vegetation sprouting out of them this year.

Yes, this summer was pathetic. I can just hear the conversation reviewing the three-month period now.

Johnny: Hey Billy, remember that time in June when we went camping?

Billy: Yeah, it rained.

Susie: Remember that time we went to the beach in July Julie?

Julie: Yeah, it rained. And thundered.

Freddy: Yo George, remember that time this summer when it rained?

George: Freddy, you’re a moron.

I know rain is an important part of the growing season and every once in a while it’s necessary but this year just went too far.

But let’s not keep things isolated to the storms. Let’s also merrily say so long to hail stones that peppered our cars, tornadoes that destroyed our buildings and power outages that, pardon the cliché, and it’s a bad one, “left us in the dark.”

No doubt about it. This summer was a mess.

I’m one who always likes to keep a positive attitude, though (at least I’m writing that), so let’s look at the bright side.

I got nothing.

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