Heading to the Ivy League

SSC senior enrolls at Yale University


STANDISH — Standish-Sterling’s valedictorian, Duane Bean III, is heading out east this fall.

The senior was accepted to Yale University, and recently formally enrolled in the Ivy League school for its fall semester. He said after getting his ACT scores back, he felt it was worth pursuing.

“I had a 33 on the ACT. Thirty-six is a perfect score, so 33 seemed pretty good,” Bean said. “So I thought I could go out east to a big school. We checked it out last summer and I really liked Yale, and I’m glad I got accepted there since it was the one that I wanted to go to.”

Bean learned he had been accepted on March 28 when he checked the Yale website, which has a list of newly accepted students.

“I clicked a link, it played some music and said ‘Congratulations,’” he said. “Then it had a letter from the dean saying I had been accepted.”

He said he is not sure yet which discipline he will go into — while he is interested in global affairs, it is a competitive major, so he may not make it into the program.

Bean said he had also been offered a full ride at Michigan State University, which made him consider which school he wanted to attend. Yale offered a financial need scholarship which will cover approximately $53,000 for the first year, and similar amounts each year beyond that based on his family’s financial situation, which he said made the difference.

“It’s definitely making this affordable,” he said. “If I didn’t get it, there is literally no way I would be going, because it’s pretty expensive.”

Bean has been working hard since the eighth grade to make it to where he is now. Always up for a challenge, he said he started taking more advanced classes like algebra then, and took all of the honors classes in high school. He also took three advanced placement classes, and as many science classes as he could.

Outside of his coursework, Bean also serves as the president of the National Honor Society, is the executive board president for student council, and is a member of the varsity cross country and track teams, and was involved in the guy-girl dance team.

“All the girls pick a guy as a partner,” he said. “We did swing dance performances. I did it for two years.”

Bean is also a peer assistant leader — essentially peer mentoring and talking with other students, he said — and works at Burger King. His extracurricular activities keep him very busy, and he said while he used to read a lot, these days he does not have much time for hobbies.

“But it’s OK,” he added. “I’m enjoying what I do, and I do it by choice.”

SSC High School Principal Mark Williams said he and the other staff members are proud of Bean’s achievement.

“It’s been a while since we’ve had a student that has been accepted to an Ivy League school,” Williams said. “He’s a great, outstanding student, and an outstanding young man who participates in all our extracurricular activities, like student council and our athletics.

“It’s unfortunate I’ve only had the chance to know him for a year, but he comes from a great family background, and is an all-around super student. He should be very successful there.”

Superintendent Darren Kroczaleski said Bean is a “deserving young man,” and that it was a compliment to the school district that they were able to help him get accepted at Yale.

“It’s a great opportunity for Mr. Bean, and a tribute to his work ethic, his academics, and his intelligence. His hard work and determination has gotten him to where he’s at,” Kroczaleski said. “He got opportunities to expand his knowledge, and we were able to assist him.”

Bean said any other students looking to go on to college should work hard whenever they get the chance.

“Work hard, do what you can do and when you can do it,” Bean said. “Because opportunity doesn’t like to knock twice.”


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